Prueba de nivel de inglés

El test consta de 30 preguntas. Selecciona una respuesta para cada pregunta y pulsa 'Finalizar' para ver el resultado

1. Whose coat is this? It´s ____________.

2. Let me know as soon as _________________.

3. Matthew came to the party, __________________ he hadn´t been invited.

4. ___________ beautiful day!

5. Frances blamed Mary _______________having caused the accident.

6. I _______________ since this morning and I´m quite exhausted.

7. It was nearly midnight and it was __________ dark to see anything.

8. You´re only 16 so you aren´t old ___________ to drive on the road yet.

9. Put a sweater on. It´s quite__________ to go out with just a T-shirt.

10. ______________ to your mother to understand the situation.

11. Dictionaries are ____________ the most important tools for translators.

12. One of the greatest _______________ of Madrid is the night life.

13. She was _______________ aback by what her husband said.

14. _____________ it not for the fog our plane would have left on time.

15. When Geoffrey finishes his homework, he ________________ himself with a chocolate

16. Grape farmers had a problem in the 1920´s --________ crops caused an excess of grapes.

17. Deborah reminds me __________ a girl I once dated.

18. Jack and Jill talked about many things _____________ the way to the well

19. Do you have _______________ I can read on the way to work?

20. It´s has been such a long time since I made a pie that I´m _______________.

21. British space scientists are planning to join the Americans _________ the race to Mars.

22. When my tire blew a flat I realized I had no ____________ in the boot.

23. When trying to cope with pain sometimes it is a case of mind _________ matter.

24. I´m studying at __________ university.

25. There are too many people here ; it is ___________ with tourists.

26. Ernest Hemmingway _______________ in 1899.

27. Mr. Smith is an extraordinary man and a _____________ of the community.

28. Elizabeth is responsible ___________ looking after her brothers after school.

29. _______ apple a day keeps the doctor away.

30. I _______ tell you tomorrow.

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